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The ever-increasing demand for the products pushed the company Kontos in 1996 to build a modern factory

Factory Expansion

In 2008 the factory is expanded with new equipment, suitable spaces for sorting, storage, processing and preservation of products.


In 2015, the branch is established in Istiaia, Evia, with a disinfestation area and modern mechanical equipment for the better sorting and processing of dried figs.

Raw Materials

Starting from the careful selection of the raw materials and the strict quality control, we offer our customers the best product. The application of special technical specifications ensures the legality and hygiene of our products.


Participation in: Food & Beverage Exhibition since 1996 - Helexpo Exhibition since 1998 -Foodexpo since 2016

Private Label

The company Kontos has the ability to produce private label products for you, maintaining all quality standards.

Kontos Evangelos

President of E. & D. Kontos SA

External Sales Manager & Quality Control - Chemist, Graduate of the University of Bologna, Italy

Kontos George

CEO - Sales & Production Manager

Agronomist - Food Technologist of the University of Bologna, Italy

Kontos Reno

Board Member - Agronomist

Food Technologist of the University of Bologna, Italy

Kontos George of Evangelos

Board Member

Occupational Physician of the University of Terni, Italy

Kotrogiannis Ioannis

Board Member

Tax Accountant

All our products are closely linked to our tradition, our manners and customs and are an integral part of our cultural heritage. That is why we, in E. & D. Kontos SA. , we feel the obligation to preserve them and pass them on to the next generations. The grandfather George, hence the "from the grandfather's orchard" with diligence and love cultivated his orchards producing quality products in the sunny and fertile land of the Lilanti field of Evia. With the same criteria, his children and grandchildren continue this tradition, creating exquisite, delicious products reminiscent of another era. Preserving fruits and vegetables with sugar and processing them into jams is a great way to use them. For the creation of our authentic recipes, only fresh fruits are used and during the production process all the rules of hygiene and safety are observed according to the ISO 22000 Standard. Thus, the excellent quality of the jams of E. & D. KONTOS SA is kept unchanged.